Terna Tarang - A Community Radio Channel


“Terna TARANG 90.4 FM” is dedicated and devoted community radio station that caters to locals in 35-km radius in and around Osmanabad. This radio station is starting on 1 June 2016 in TERNA PUBLIC CHARITABLETRUST’s College of Engineering, Osmanabad Terna TARANG Community Radio is a form of local radio which defines itself as an autonomous entity and relies on the community for its survival without any commercial aims or objects.

It is a medium that gives voice to the voiceless that serves as the mouthpiece of the marginalized and is at the heart of communication and democratic processes within societies. Community radio is a program conceived, devised, developed and managed by the Community.

It addresses their real issues, their sufferings, their wisdom, their expressions, their anguish’s and their feelings. TERNA TARANG is a voice to voiceless, rights to those without, and power to the powerless.